Korean Beauty Trends – HOW EXACTLY TO Do Puppy Liner, Orange Blush, And Gradient Lips

Korean Beauty Trends - HOW EXACTLY TO Do Puppy Liner, Orange Blush, And Gradient Lips 1

Everywhere you look, the Korean beauty industry is making a direct effect. Since BB cream arrived in America in 2011, stateside makeup lovers have become enthusiastic about Korean beauty (or K-beauty, for brief), from its innovative products to its unconventional techniques. With a heavy focus on skincare and keeping the face looking flawless but never overdone, K-beauty has serious mainstream charm. K-beauty is all about youthfulness – or at least attempting to capture that bright-eyed, fresh-faced vibe and applying it to your makeup routine. Want to try out some of the most popular Korean makeup trends in a simple, every-day look?

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  • Simply blend essential oils with any carrier oil and massage into your face
  • It is not suggested to apply laminaria face mask during lactation and pregnancy
  • Sleep on your back again or use a particular pillowcase
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  • Use glue could harm your nails, even if it is applied to layers of polish
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  • Oil massage therapy

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