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Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR ANY 1

If you’re a lover of Indies, then you’ve likely heard of their darling: Lime Crime. You’ve also probably read the good, the bad, and the unsightly surrounding Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere. I, individually, am only concerned about makeup and writing my opinion on the merchandise. So, let’s just adhere to that, shall we?

Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that most people know for their lip products. However, they offer several palettes in the adorable tin product packaging pictured above. I decided Alchemy, a shimmery duo-chrome lineup that is perfect for building up a solid lineup of fall months colors. Above I’ve watched the Alchemy palette collection of pressed vision shadows. Whenever I swatch, I take advantage of an ordinary eye shadow sponge, and do one swipe across dry skin; no primer or lotion of any kind beneath.

I photograph the swatches in natural light (whenever possible) and do not filter the finished picture. The colors from top to bottom: Divination, Spellbound, Love Potion No9, Lucky Charm, and Incantation. A glance I did utilize Every one of the colors from the Alchemy palette. I am also putting on Lime Crime’s opaque lipstick in Coquette.

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An up close go through the above; I used Spellbound along my brow bone, with Love Potion No9 in the crease. Lucky Charm is the true green on my lid with Incantation along my higher lashes. The lower liner is Divination. I really like a palette that combines unusual colors one wouldn’t normally use in the same collection. As my makeup collection increases, I find myself searching for the unique.

This is definitely it. I didn’t genuinely have colors like these in my makeup bag. The colors are lively however the formula is soft that it blends sufficiently. You can layer this stuff on for extremely vivid looks there, or, like I did so, blend it out for a wash of color. I used to be delighted that the pressed cakes didn’t use loose natural powder fall-out immediately upon use, as some have a tendency to do. The product packaging is functional and adorable; it’s just large enough to house the shadows without wasting space in my own ever shrinking makeup case. Pressed eyes shadow palettes are as budget-friendly as their loose shadow counterparts never.

35 the palette is still less expensive than major store brands but may be pricey for budget babes too. Unfortunately, it would appear that these palettes sell out once, they won’t be restocked. I’ve yet to visit a sale or promotional codes for Lime Crime, something I usually hail indie brands for, but that is not to say they do not keep these things – just nothing at all I’ve come across. I’m having a great deal of fun with this palette, and it seems like that is the goal behind Lime Crime. Irrespective, of their “politics” (for lack of a better term) the attention shadows are striking, bright, and a great addition to any makeup collection.

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