HOW EXACTLY TO Change The Date Of Your Published Posts In Blogger

HOW EXACTLY TO Change The Date Of Your Published Posts In Blogger 1

Posts time-to-time gets outdated and requires a comprehensive edit. To provide up-to-date information to your users, it is necessary so that you can make timely changes in your published posts. After comprehensively making an edit in your articles, it would be needed by you to show up as a new post with a fresh date.

This would not only make your articles current but would also enable you to dig up your old articles by showing them on your homepage. In this specific article, we will educate you on How exactly to Edit the Date of your Published Posts in Blogger? Why to Edit your Old Posts? Things are pleasurable when they may be up-to-date.

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You wouldn’t normally like to write everything again in a kind of a fresh article just because your old article was out-of-date. Replicating the same content with minor changes might end up in traffic downfall because not only users, but search engine hates duplicate content. Updating your existing posts is the ideal way to keep your content fresh. People always admire that website which decorates their content with most accurate and trustworthy information always. How exactly to Change Date of Posts? The very first thing you need to do is to Login into your Blogger account.

Posts. Now it would display a list of the titles of the articles which are published on your site. Searching for this article through the Search club by keying in the title of your article. Upon finding the article, hover over its Title and you’ll be in a position to see “Edit Post” button, just press it and check out the next phase. It would take one to the Post editor.

Now make all the required changes in your content. Once you finish editing your article, it’s time to upgrade the publish time of your post. Set time and time (You will find it on the right side of your display). Now you will be able to see a small calendar type gadget.

At this point, you can change the time and time of your post to the most current one. Press the done button to save lots of the changes that you earn to your date and time. After doing all the noticeable changes, press the very best be shown by the revise button of your screen.