Matt Landis Windows PBX & UC Report

Matt Landis Windows PBX & UC Report 1

The BCC950 has a distinctive look by any criteria. It can be powered by a USB cable connected to a powered USB port on your laptop or personal computer or a cord in to the wall-both are included. The unit constructed quickly without fuss. The unit’s base houses a 360 degrees speakerphone that has Call hangup and answer buttons, a mute and volume controls. There is also an LED that is blue with live discussion and red on mute. The camera is a 1080p Carl Zeiss camera with tilt/skillet/zoom.

The camera can be plugged directly into the bottom or on the 9 in . extender stem. The view is thought by me with the stem is ideal when setting on the desk/conference desk. AFTER I first plugged the camera into the base I wasn’t quite sure I plugged it in right, but it was.

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The stem assembly feels like something you desire to be a little careful with rather than bang around too much. There’s a blue LED in the beside the camera lens to allow camera is known by you is live. For me the whole unit, speakerphone and camera worked in Microsoft Lync after plugging it in only. Setup is a breeze.

The build in tilt/pan/zoom camera is probably the most unique part of the device. After plugging in the device you can immediately begin using the remote control or controls on the bottom to put the camera. The camera techniques quite fast plus some trouble was got by me centering on my subject matter on the first try, likely a newbie concern.

The unit is designed to be managed by someone near the BCC950 and does note have considerably end control. I’ve been getting questions about video quality so do my best to comment on what I see I’ll. I have already been comparing the video to Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD in the Lync preview window to get raw video look and nothing else. The LifeCam shows up more radiant with TrueColor feature fired up immediately, but more comparable without it.

I also observed the BCC950 has more “fog/haze/halo” effect taking a look at the same view? It interesting that the LifeCam preview put my QuadCore HP Z210 CPU at around 10%, while the BCC950 preview drops to 5% or below. LifeCam has the TrueColor feature turned off. But perhaps LifeCam app/driver takes CPU?

I’ve been doing some recent tests sending HD (720p) stream and it would appear that the LifeCam take about an avg of 25% cpu to send the stream whereas the BCC950 requires an avg of 18% cpu. -if anyone has better way to check or even more accurate results, i want to know! UPDATE 3/2014 Logitech Brings Far End Control to BCC950.