SCERA’s Final Musical Of The 35th Anniversary Season Is Disney’s “Beauty And The Beast”

SCERA’s Final Musical Of The 35th Anniversary Season Is Disney’s "Beauty And The Beast" 1

Veteran Utah director Jerry Elison, now 89 years old, feels audiences at SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre will feel the same enchantment when the musical will be staged under the stars Aug. 2-17 at 8 p.m. Performances will run Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Fridays at the Shell, located at 600 South 400 East, in the middle of Orem’s SCERA Park. “This was one of the best auditions I have ever experienced,” says Elison, a much loved thespian that has a theatrical career that expands from his boyhood in Idaho more than 70 years ago. “I heard 230 talented performers and am once more astonished at the substantial talent pool we’ve in Utah.

The script did not give itself to more than 61 performers, but I could have cast it with many more. He especially appreciates the music by Alan Menken, the late Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, phoning it “singularly fascinating with music you can sing and love. No wonder it ran to get more than 5,000 shows on Broadway and is still well-received by audiences.

Most people likely will know about the tale of the selfish and cold-blooded prince that has been transformed into an unsightly beast as a abuse for his egotistic and narcissistic behavior. As the tale begins, Beast has a looming deadline. The only path to reverse the curse is to figure out how to love someone and then be loved in return-before it’s too late.

As gloomy as the scenario seems, Disney has injected the work with considerable pleasure, liveliness and energy in the form of supporting heroes, personified by a candlestick, clock, wardrobe and piano. There is a good handsome villain who probably is even more self-centered than the beast had been. At the center is a talented, intelligent and a little bookish beauty named Belle as well as the morose Beast.

“’Beauty and the Beast’ will adapt well to the SCERA Shell stage,” Elison provides. As normal of Elison’s shows, he surrounds himself with talented and creative people-including several former students of his who’ve remained in theatrical arts. His support staff includes Dana Cardon, music direction; Dani LeCompte, choreography; Julie Bonifay, assistant director; and Crysta Powell, stage supervisor. Kelsey Seaver is outfit designer and Mark Ohran is light designer. Starring roles will be filled up by Lauren Pope and David Matthew Smith as Belle and the Prince/Beast. 10 for children 3-11 and seniors 65 and older. 16 for elderly people and children. 6 and must be purchased in advance.

Here is the chart I posted last year (I have filled in a few of the question marks since that time with ancestor brands). It shows all of my ancestors created in the South back to the first 1800s. Earlier generations are not shown here, but they are in the southern United States dating back to I’ve traced each line. My GCs are what I predicted exactly.

The names assigned by Ancestry aren’t Upper South and Lower South. The expected Southern states are included in the GCs which were given more descriptive brands by AncestryDNA. Just how do these GCs help me with my genealogical research? For me, I get few new clues concerning locations of ancestors after the late 1700s. Someone with a less considerable tree might get clues as to which states their ancestors came from. Clicking the Connections button, I do get some good clues concerning potential European origins of all settlers in the areas where my ancestors settled in the brand new World.

These clues buy into the family stories that have been passed down of ancestral origins in Germany, England, Scotland, and Ireland. I see a list of surnames that are found more regularly in this GC than beyond it. I could use the “View All Matches” button to see which of my DNA matches are also part of the GC. This match list contains only DNA matches who are part of this GC also. A match with a shallow tree might be able to get some clues from the ancestors in my tree that are in this GC.

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Back on the windowpane with the GC Stories, if I select one Year Span in the community story bar I can see which of my ancestors were in this community throughout that time span. I could use the remaining and right arrow secrets next to the entire year span to routine through all season spans.

I can zoom the map in to see finer fine detail. I can select a “pin” on the map to see which ancestors are associated with this pin. As of this moment, most of my ancestor pins only filter the locale right down to a region of circumstances. This can be because my tree on Ancestry does not include county level details for everyone events.