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Gender, Fitness Doping and the Genetic Max. Andreasson, J.; Johansson, T. Gender, Fitness Doping and the Genetic Max. The Ambivalent Construction of Muscular Masculinities in an NETWORK. Andreasson J, Johansson T. Gender, Fitness Doping and the Genetic Max. The Ambivalent Construction of Muscular Masculinities in an Online Community. Andreasson, Jesper; Johansson, Thomas. 2016. “Gender, Fitness Doping and the Genetic Max. The Ambivalent Construction of Muscular Masculinities within an Online Community.” Soc. Remember that from the first issue of 2016, MDPI journals use article numbers instead of page numbers. See further details here.

In other words, because you will be on multiple medications that can cause weight loss, the quantity of weight you lose will be more significant than if you were just taking Topamax as a standalone treatment. Should you use Topamax just for weight loss? Probably not. Obviously this isn’t a medically accepted use of the drug, and most doctors wouldn’t allow it.

If you were specifically struggling with weight, they might prescribe Qsymia, which consists of Topamax within its formulation. Many people that struggle with seizures and are overweight are taking the drug primarily for seizure reduction typically, but may be amazed when in addition they lose weight pleasantly. Some research suggests that there is a perfect daily dosage of Topamax specifically for weight loss. Those that take between 100 mg and 200 mg of Topamax daily consistently, have reported that weight loss is practically effortless.

Most people taking the drug within this dosage range (supposing they aren’t on other treatments) end up shedding between 15% and 20% of their baseline bodyweight. Some speculate that dosages above 200 mg may result in more extreme weight reduction. Will everyone lose weight from taking Topamax? Not everyone is guaranteed to lose weight on this medication. There’s a lot of individual deviation such as diet, habits, genetics, other medications, etc. that can have an enormous effect on someone’s weight.

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That said, it is estimated that weight reduction is among the most typical side ramifications of the drug Topamax. Most proof shows that weight loss occurs among 11% and 26% of these taking the medication. It ought to be mentioned a select amount of people can experience a counterintuitive reaction of weight gain throughout their treatment, but this is very uncommon.

Topamax’s therapeutic impact vs. Those that are taking the medication for the purpose of treating a condition like Bipolar disorder may not like the weight loss. If you’re relatively skinny already, you might have a problem with looking skinnier even. Although most people look forward to reducing your weight while on a medication, not everyone shares that perspective. If you’re losing a ridiculous amount of weight on this medication and don’t like it, make sure to talk to your doctor about other options and/or Topamax drawback.

Also if you like the weight reduction, but find the medication ineffective for the principal condition that it was intended to treat, you’ll likely need to try something new. Others may find the drug effective for treating a condition, and could like the weight reduction, however the other aspect effects such as storage reduction might be too deep to justify continuing use.

Always evaluate how you’re doing on the medication throughout your treatment. Did you lose weight while taking Topamax? If you are a person that has used Topamax and lost weight, make sure to talk about your story in the comments section below. It could help others to know the dosage you took, how long you were on the medication, as well as how quickly you noticed the weight loss. Make sure to mention why you think the drug caused you to lose weight (e.g. lost your appetite) and other potential lifestyle factors that may also have contributed to your weight loss. Naltrexone & Weight Loss: What Should You Expect? Oolong Tea & Weight Loss: WILL IT Help Burn Fat? Drinking Coffee & Weight Loss?