Global AIDS Fund CHECK OUT Quit

Global AIDS Fund CHECK OUT Quit 1

Kazatchkine, a People from france health and clinician advocate, said in a declaration he had made a decision to step down as executive director in March following the organisation’s decision to appoint a general manager. However the chairman of the fund’s panel denied a report by France’s Liberation newspaper Tuesday that his decision was linked to allegations of possible irregularities relating to the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Simon Bland said in a declaration. The fund got issued a statement on January 6 explaining an article in the French weekly Marianne which suggested the organization acquired benefitted charities associated with Bruni-Sarkozy as “inaccurate and misleading”. Its board made the decision in November to create a new post of general supervisor to oversee the agency’s reorganization and on Tuesday announced the session of former Sovreign Bank chairman Gabriel Jaramillo.

Kazatchkine said that although he “trusts that your choice was manufactured in the best interests of the Global Fund”, he made the decision that he ought not to continue as executive director. He said he’d ensure a smooth transition while Bland paid tribute to his work, saying all the fund’s successes bore his mark.

The Global Fund is the world’s biggest single source of funding to deal with three of the world’s most significant killer diseases, with a multi-billion-money budget drawn from more than 100 countries and private donors. It offers grants for tasks in developing nations, allocating money provided by governments and supporters like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 34 million (then 25 million euros) had gone missing or been taken in four African countries before it reached needy community aid programs, leading Germany to suspend its payments. At the beginning of the year Marianne reported that the Global Fund acquired given “significant amounts” to charities associated with Bruni-Sarkozy, an account ambassador, and one of her good friends.

He said in a declaration he was honored to have been asked to get the task. Since his retirement as Sovereign Bank CEO in January this past year he has offered as an advisor to the Office of the Special Envoy for Malaria of the US secretary-general, the fund said. Until June He continued to be chairman of the bank.

French clinician and health advocate Michel Kazatchkine, who on Tuesday announced he would give up as kind of the Global Fund, is one of the very most popular statistics in the three-decade struggle against AIDS. Kazatchkine, 65, said he will step down on March 16 as the Fund said it was appointing a “general supervisor” to overhaul the organization, which on the brink of its 10th anniversary is fighting the problems of swift development.

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During his tenure, the Fund became the best multilateral financing mechanism to combat AIDS, helping to gear up distribution of life-saving drugs to millions of Africans with HIV. It also became the main funder of programs to fight TB and malaria. But as this unique public-private partnership expanded, it also ran into criticism that its structure — made to be fast in response and low in bureaucracy — cannot adequately track the funds is allocated. Kazatchkine was born in the Paris suburb of Courbevoie to a Russian emigre category of modest background. He was a brilliant college student at the city’s elite Louis-le-Grand senior high school.

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