What Donald Trump’s Candidacy Has Really Meant For His Business Empire

Early on in the presidential campaign, some pundits argued that Donald Trump’s candidacy was simply a fleeting effort that could leave little effect on the race, but could ultimately bring more attention and revenue to the Trump business empire. Than a year later But more, both of those basic ideas may be incorrect.

Trump’s candidacy has turned out to be serious – and the effects on his businesses might not have been as positive as he hoped. Foursquare, a location-based app where users can “check in” to various businesses and restaurants, released interesting data on Thursday showing that foot traffic to Trump-branded businesses seems to have fallen significantly through the presidential marketing campaign. Foursquare found that, in June 2015 since Donald Trump announced that he was operating for president, foot traffic to Trump-branded hotels, golfing and casinos programs has dropped. “Since spring, it’s fallen more,” the business says.

The Trump Business didn’t immediately react to requests for comment. The graph below shows that trend. The data obviously only symbolizes people who use Foursquare and Swarm, which really is a select group. The business says that it has normalized that data against figures from the U.S. One likely reason for the fall in traffic, Foursquare says, is that Trump’s hotels, casinos and golf courses are mainly located in “blue states,” like New York, Hawaii, New Jersey and Illinois, and rely on local visitors from those regions. Foursquare’s evaluation also implies that this drop has been especially powered by women, who generally have more unfavorable opinions of Trump than men, polls show.

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Visits by women to Trump hotels, casinos and golf courses have fallen by nearly one-third this spring. Because the traffic at Trump properties diverges so sharply with similar businesses, the trends might be evidence of individuals voting with their feet. But, as Foursquare points out, these changes may not have a lot of a direct effect on Donald Trump’s wallet.

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