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Introduction To Management 1

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Even these types of simple dynamism were difficult to paint using the early Developer Studio in the WebFOCUS 4.5/5.1 period. Around the early 2000s and the WebFOCUS 7 produces, Information Builders started adding good Dialogue Manager support into the Report Painter. As time passes, it became more and more possible to “paint” dynamic reports. They are the demo features that transformed business decision makers into Sola-GUI believers but which the Anti-GUI extremists disregarded.

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Using a GUI painter for everyone application development tasks is impossible. Information Builders cannot provide such a robust feature. Microsoft doesn’t provide it. Apple doesn’t provide it. IBM doesn’t provide it. Likewise, whenever a BI developer builds WebFOCUS software of any intricacy, he or she is forced to use the Developer Studio Text Editor for the Dialogue Manager procedural scripting and web JavaScript coding. The Sola-GUI believers must understand that BI is a software application development activity and using the keyboard for procedural scripting is a valid, respectable task.

All of our Partner Intelligence consultants understand they need to do everything possible to build WebFOCUS reviews in the painter so that whenever they leave, the clients shall be self-sufficient, in a position to maintain their reports using the GUI. The same philosophy is true when building launch web pages: it is GUI all the way. There is no reason for a designer to ever type the underlying Html page (the associated JavaScript procedural instructions are different and need a text message editor). With today’s version of Developer Studio, programmers can build pretty powerful reports while staying in the GUI Report Painter.

However, clients do not employ outside experts to do the easy stuff. Instead, they call Partner Intelligence when they need advanced, highly-dynamic BI applications. That is where all wagers are off on “painting” WebFOCUS reports. Imagine asking-Home Builders offers an individual architectural pulling of a house that is a two-bedroom single-story ranch on weekdays, on Saturday a two-story bungalow, and a three-bedroom bi-level with walk-out cellar on Sunday. That is the kind of challenge Information Builders faces when seeking to provide a GUI painter for a dynamic report.

Here are my key recommendations to consider for your WebFOCUS software development initiative. WebFOCUS has a GUI IDE called Developer Studio. Its visual design tools are useful for producing static and often times, fairly dynamic, web page, and report layouts. When building web applications, it’s important for a designer to use the IDE’s GUI text editor feature to script procedural commands (Dialogue Manager and JavaScript).