Hungry For Points: Trip Report: Island Hopping

Hungry For Points: Trip Report: Island Hopping 1

Until today, we had been having a great time in the Seychelles, but nothing at all acquired really blown us away. Everything changed once we stepped foot on La Digue. La Digue is another largest island in the Seychelles after Praslin and Mahe, and is a short 15-minute ferry ride from Praslin.

We drove away to the Praslin fishing boat jetty that was roughly 20 minutes from the hotel, purchased our seat tickets, and queued up. A great many other passengers had baggage with them, since they planned to stay overnight on La Digue. The ferry is large quite, seating over 100 people between its lower and upper decks easily.

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It was just a 15-minute ride over to La Digue, but it was a roller-coaster of a trip that put my stomach to the test. We were pleased that we had chosen the plane ride from back again from Praslin to Mahe instead of the even longer, 50-minute ferry trip. Even though it is the 3rd largest island in the Seychelles, La Digue is significantly smaller than Praslin which means that it is easily navigated by bike or even by walking. Bicycle rentals can be found right at the jetty, and 15,000 Rupees later we had our trips for your day.

There are a handful of taxis on the island, but generally there really isn’t much car traffic here which makes it extremely safe to ride bicycles. Anse Source d’Argent, which is one of the very most photographed seashores in the world, located about 15-minute bicycle ride south of the jetty. The day to be able to beat the crowds We’d taken the first ferry of, and after summoning our inner-Lance Armstrong, we were successful in out-pacing our fellow passengers on that morning’s ferry. This beach is located on a compound that actually requires an entry fee, but trust me it’s worth it.

After getting into the substance and biking along a dirt road that took us past some vanilla bean trees and giant tortoises, we there were. Now I understood why this beach is known as to be among the best in the world – the pictures simply don’t take action justice. Anse Source d’Argent isn’t simply one long stretch out of the beach, but a series of beaches accessible along a walkway rather. At any point, you can jump out onto the beach to look at the initial pink granite formations at every turn. The fine sand is powder-soft, and the turquoise water was warm enough for a bath. Our hustle paid and we were one of the primary people to arrive for the day.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Our comeback ferry wasn’t planned until late evening, which meant that we’d be on La Digue for over 7 hours. Initially, we were worried that we’d be bored and have trouble completing the time and had been considering changing our go back to an earlier time.