In What Order MUST I Put My Skincare Products On?

This week I shared with you all the Clean Skincare Products that are on my radar. I thought it was a great time to touch on what order I like to layer them. I normally enjoy my skincare regimen and the process of putting it on – unless, I’m worn out and already in bed and then well ya know I’m human being. 3. Shade – on the hunt for a good toner currently. Hasn’t been an integral part of my routine for a while because I haven’t loved the ones I’ve tried previously. 9. Oils – love Plant based Squalene Oil. Oils after moisturizers because research.

6. Silicones Will probably be your friend. They can be your enemy also. Personally, I do love products with silicones. The silicone molecule rests on top of the skin actually, trapping dampness inside. So this is a good thing! However, it can trap dirt and deceased pores and skin cells inside as well, which is not a good thing (obviously!) so ensure that your skin is clean before applying silicone products and you are all set!

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  • #4 Emeraude
  • TEMPTALIA (link)
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A special be aware to add will be a lot of conditioners have silicones in them as well. Do you get the dreaded bacne (acne and such on your back or chest)? Ensure that you wash your skin focusing on back again and chest AFTER you’ve rinsed the conditioner completely from nice hair. I could guarantee this can help your blemish problems almost. Same things applies to that person.

Wash that person AFTER rinsing all conditioner from hair. This can help with any acne you might get on your hairline and forehead. 7. Given that we’ve chatted about how to get that pores and skin nice and supple from the start, lets discuss some makeup alternatives to help in the winter weeks.

As mentioned before, a lot of makeup has silicones in them…. So that’s a help. In the same way pointed out… make sure they go on clean skin! 8. Use cream centered products when possible. Cream Cheek colors (my personal favorite is the Multiple by Nars. They come in many colors and are just fab. 2nd up would be the convertible cheek colors by Stila.

When cheeks are already dry, I find that these just provide a little bit more dampness. They also blend beautifully with the above mentioned foundations! When applying, rub the color in the middle of your fingers (it warms the product and helps it to blend better) and then connect with the apple/ball of your cheek first and then blend up and out with your fingers.

Also to take note… band finger is best because it is weakest leading to minimal amount of pull on your skin layer. 9. Again with those cream centered products… cream eyes shadows are excellent for dried out eyelids. You are known by me don’t think of eyelids to be dry, if you are young especially, but now that I’ve joined my 30’s I could see that extra dryness there definitely.

Another bonus to cream centered shadows is they are pretty long wearing. In summer months Even, I often put cream based shadows under shadows to help up the color potency of the dry shadow as well as the long wear. My favorite cream structured shadows include Bobbi Brown, Benefit and the MAC paint pots.