The Current SET OF The MOST EFFECTIVE Silver Age Comics

15 The first appearance of Spider-man, compiled by Stan Lee with a cover by Jack Kirby and interior artwork by Steve Ditko. 4 The first Silver Age appearance from the Flash. 1 The debut of Marvels first super-team. 1 Peter Parker gets his own comic. 1 The green skinned large makes his bow. 83 Norse God Thor shows up in the Marvel Universe for the very first time. 39 Debut of Iron Man.

8 Second appearance of the Silver Age Flash. 1 Xaviers young mutants first day in the course. 28 The Justice League of America appears on the scene. The comic books above are some of the most valuable from the period, but there are a great many other books from enough time that control a massive premium, listed here are some more valuable Silver Age books. Do some considerable research and you will find many more valuable Silver Age comic books, thanks for reading. Comic Book Collecting Silver Age Comics FOR AS LONG Term Comic Investments? More About Comic Investing!

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