Functional Specification Style Guide

Functional Specification Style Guide 1

The Functional Specification Style Guide intends to be a brief record to clarify how to make well-formed documents for all the projects to develop new features for Openbravo. The more info you can give in the specification the better the total results. They are the points that the documentation has to cover almost. More points can be added depending on each project necessities.

The review for the project is a brief overview outlining the goals and reasons for the project. Go into more detail here about how the implementation of this project will be utilized and why it is necessary in the business. What’s the scope of the project? Just how much functionality is it to hide and more what it isn’t expected to deliver significantly. Any references which may be necessary for extra knowledge or information when it comes to providing a precise estimation on the completion time for the project. This section of the specification addresses anything that may affect the execution or development of the perfect solution is.

This is the place to put any potential problems or requirements that aren’t necessarily stated elsewhere in the standards. With all projects there will be certain assumptions made about the implementation or development of the solution. Types of these would be that components should be translated into Spanish, or? In the task there may be elements of the answer, which will have a dependency on outdoors issues or other designs. To be able to put into action or develop the answer these dependencies should be resolved or removed.

Highlight here any issues which will limit the development or the implementation of the answer. Please, explain any specific terms associated with the task that might not be known by all involved. This might include industry-specific terminology or abbreviations used in the specification record. This is the primary section into the Functional Specification document and it should be treated with a special treatment.

  • Highly developed skills in analysis and critical thinking
  • Bridgette Raes, President, Bridgette Raes Style Group
  • Setting up a trial of your product, if relevant
  • Interest obligations

Explain the various roles that can use the new functionality and their knowledge related with computers. A definition of the process is expected to be able to learn what business capabilities are supported. An excellent method to understand the problem is wanting to explain it with real instances that happen in the real world.

Use this space to provide detailed information on the various functional requirements. When possible this should include process diagrams and mock ups of documents or materials that gets used within the process. The more information about the process the better as this gives the programmers the relevant information to comprehend the process and invite them to provide functionality that meets the requirements. Providing a mock up of how the user interface should look offers a very clear definition of what the developer must create.