With These Concepts AT HEART Solidly

With These Concepts AT HEART Solidly 1

The romantic relationship between Management and Shareholders should be considered a simple one. The objective of Management is to increase the intrinsic value per talk about for Shareholders and they’re paid to do exactly that. Based on Shareholders’ own financial decisions, Shareholders of businesses provide the capital which allows Management to do its job.

With these concepts firmly in mind, the list below represents the relationship we desire to maintain between the Management of Bethunes and the owners of the business enterprise – its Shareholders. Although we are an unlisted public company, we will act like a collaboration. The benefits of our corporate form should not be underestimated, as it offers the permanence of our capital structure that provides Management a genuine advantage to make both strategic and long-term investments.

The Company’s investment objective is to preserve capital and seek maximum, long-term capital growth commensurate with reasonable risk. Management defines risk as the likelihood of a permanent lack of capital, than price volatility rather. In its value method of investing, the Company will seek to recognize and invest in opportunities that people believe exhibit significant valuation discrepancies between current trading prices and intrinsic business value (or net asset/s value).

Management’s focus on undervalued securities/assets is because of our belief that a well-priced purchase is often the most important determinant of the success of an investment. We believe that the acquisition of an investment, obtained at a discount to intrinsic value, provides a margin of protection that can mitigate the probability of an overall loss of the Company’s capital.

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  • Framework Investment Portfolios

While Management is comfortable making investments in a wide range of sectors and asset classes, they choose investment in simple businesses and possessions that generate cash flow over the future. Management believes that the market price of a security or other investment/asset under-estimates the probability of a favorable event that is likely to lead to a substantial change in the valuation of such security or investment/asset.

Debt should be utilized sparingly and with an appreciation for the increased dangers inherent in increased leverage. Investment opportunities which require excessive debt to fund will be turned down rather than overburdening our balance sheet. This conservative approach to issuing debt reflects a concentrate on capital preservation (as well as capital growth) and our acknowledgment of the fiduciary obligation we hold towards Shareholders as stewards of their capital. The long-term goal of Management is to maximize the common annual development rate of the intrinsic value per talk about.