The Creation Of Beauty Is Art

The Creation Of Beauty Is Art 1

Who can withstand super affordable makeup palettes? I just have to take them home with me. A great deal of new shadows, blushes, and lip products to try out with. It’s all just too interesting! Okay, so I don’t expect to find the best products ever inside these plastic cases. But there is certainly something undeniably fascinating about checking out colours that are a bit different.

10 palette from Joe Fresh. I actually already have a bunch of Joe products in my makeup collection, therefore i gravitated towards this little place immediately. Here’s finished . about Joe Fresh makeup: some of their products are amazing and some are just so-so. It’s time to discover how this palette stacks up.

As you can view from the picture above, this collection comes with: 12 eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, 2 blush tones, a mini mascara, 1 cream focus on, plus some mini brushes. There is certainly plenty to work with – and for such an affordable price here, it was worthy of the gamble definitely.

After experimenting with this set for a little while, there are some things that I like plus some things that I’m not a huge lover of. To start with, here is a closer look at the mascara and the blush swatches. I didn’t bother to swatch the lip glosses because frankly, they all looked very similar.

This set came with a mini-mascara and some of those little brushes. The brushes itself are a nice addition, but quite frankly, I’ll never use them. Good if you’re taking this away with you but not something to use on a regular basis. As for the mascara itself? It is rather basic and doesn’t do much for your lashes.

I wouldn’t recommend it! Before you toss your hands up thinking this section is a complete waste of your time, it’s not. The blush shades were actually quite lovely. They are nicely pigmented and the shades are absolutely gorgeous. I am a little obsessed with the deeper shade. It offers a berry undertone that appears really beautiful on your skin. Now, moving onto the eyeshadow shades. There are 12 altogether and they range from light shimmery tones to shimmery bronze colours. Remember: there are no matte tones, so if that’s what you’re after, neglect this collection. The verdict on the eyeshadows? Some are fantastic – very pigmented, no fallout, and have a great texture.

Others have less colour than I’d like and are flaky. The light was found by me shimmery tones and deep bronzey shades to be beautiful. The bolder colours (like the purples, blues, and greens) were a little of a disappointed, unfortunately! There is a great range of shades here definitely, but a little more consistency would have benefited this palette for certain.

  • Designed especially for beauty treatment, not cooking food
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  • Don’t use ingredients that block pores
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Some eyeshadow tones are absolutely beautiful and the blush shades are beautiful as well. The ‘extras’ don’t add much to this place, the glosses are nothing special, and the packaging is cheap and flimsy. I created using it. Overall, this is a nice little palette to experiment with. It’s not going to be something I reach for every day, but there are some seriously gorgeous shades included here. It just would go to show – cheap little palettes will often pay off big style! Have you tried the makeup from Joe Fresh? What do you think of the palette?

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