THERE IS NO Place Like Home

THERE IS NO Place Like Home 1

Originally submitted on Facebook. We were told with a self-proclaimed person in charge at Celebrity Fitness 1Utama that people can “make all the fuss (we) want” concerning this matter. Since we have nothing to lose, here we are making a “fuss”. To indicate our year with a positive start, three friends, and I made a decision to join a fitness center.

In mid-January we visited Celebrity Fitness to enquire about how to join and become a member. When we were going to sign the contract of agreement, we observed a clause on the agreement stating, “Celebrity Fitness has the right to raise the membership fees without previous notice”. At that true point, we didn’t sign and asked Maggie about the clause, which all of us disagree with clearly.

She verbally guaranteed us that you will see NO increase of membership fees and even mentioned that even if the fee does increase, you won’t have an effect on any new member signing up this year. To further convince us on how sure she actually is on this matter, she told us that since she works in the fitness center, we’re able to always go to her should any matter arise, and she’d help us solve it, .

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That was a month. 5 ago. Yesterday, when my friend and I visited the gym, I needed to pay my fitness center membership fees for March. The girl explained working at the payment counter that my account fees have been increased! Needless to say, my friend and I were puzzled.

Immediately we requested to speak to Maggie. When we asked her about the purchase price increase, she said it was because of the increase of authorities tax. Just as much as we wish to trust her, the ruling to boost the government tax had recently been implemented and started on January BEFORE most of us registered. Yet, she does guarantee us that there will be no increase of membership fees.

Moreover, the increase of authorities tax is merely 1% but we were asked to pay 4%-5% extra monthly, of what our current monthly gym account is right now. After a slight negotiation with Maggie, I asked to speak to the branch supervisor or a person in charge of the branch. In a year We also questioned Maggie how many times they can/will boost the price; she kept quiet.

When we informed her that we wanted to cancel our regular membership, we were told that people must pay a penalty of RM400 if we wished to do so. I wonder just how many other unknowing consumers have they tricked into registering using this tactic, and how many have kept quiet and just pay whatever the fitness center is asking these pay every once in awhile. I understand verbal agreement is a valid agreement. But right now, she is in-a-way support from her words and forcing us to pay the total amount away, which might upsurge in the not-too-distant-future again!