Confessions Of A Makeup Shopaholic (:

Confessions Of A Makeup Shopaholic (: 1

Balea Kuniglicher Krunen-Kranich Duschgel – smelt really fruity, like mango. Repurchase: It was a limited edition. Balea Viva Cuba Duschgel – this shower gel was something special and I did enjoy it a great deal definitely. It was fresh and smelt like limes. Loved it and if it can be found by me again, I’ll totally buy it.

Repurchase: Another limited release one. Avon Senses Romantic Garden Of Eden Shower Gel – the average shower gel, nothing special. Avon Naturals Cozy Vanilla & Sandalwood Shower Gel – this shower gel was a little bit more expensive, but I must say it was really nice. It lasted for some time because it was quite thick in consistency. Nice scent for winter as well. MojDan Cleansing Wipes – these I buy from the store and they are nice.

  • You intend to use it on bottom level lashes
  • Albion Smart Skin
  • How is it possible to tell someone you love them without using words
  • When you smile it means that you can See Miracles In Life Everyday
  • Giving in the habit that’s holding you back again
  • 100% Pure Vanilla Bean Nourishing Body Cream
  • Perform aseptic care, in all IV lines

They do their job. Avon Advance Techniques 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner – anti-dandruff – I didn’t like this one in any way. Avon Naturals Wild Berries And Pomegranate Creamy Yogurt Scrub – it certainly smelled like yogurt and it was nice. The scrub was gentle. Avon Naturals Sparkling Passionfruit & Peony Shimmer Mist – I actually really enjoyed this mist.

It contained small shimmer, and it appeared beautiful in summer season on my tan pores and skin, plus I liked the fragrance. Jean Marc Giovanni Cote Deo Pafum – received this as a present but I unfortunately didn’t like the fragrance at all. I had fashioned this for years and it also broke so that it just had to go now. Kiko Skin Tone Foundation – I really loved this foundation.

Went back again to search if I did a review onto it and I somehow forgot to 🙁 It looked really nice on my epidermis, sensed very lightweight and it stayed on the whole day. Avon Corrector – regrettably I don’t know the correct name of this since it erased from the packaging 😀 I have to say I hated this product. I attempted to use it for many things but it didn’t work at all.

Oriflame Hypnotic Wonderlash Mascara – I actually got this mascara for about 2 yrs now. The mascara itself was nice really, separated my lashes and it offered them a quantity very well. The best part about any of it was on the other side – silver colored mascara. It was the best colored mascara I ever used. Oriflame Visions Blue Mascara – this one looked pretty in the tube, but it didn’t show up on my lashes in any way.