Are Your Bees Ready?

Are Your Bees Ready? 1

Hi, we are beekeepers David and Sheri Burns. It’s the first day of fall and winter is coming soon. Are your bees ready? Do you know what to do over another couple of months to properly prepare your bees for winter? It seems so hands-free, and easy but beekeeping requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill, and perfect timing to ensure a colony’s health.

With so many new problems and options a newbie’s class is vital. Join us on Saturday Oct. 15th and complete your knowledge gaps. Stop, be concerned and questioning if you are controlling your bee’s the correct way. We’ve a few areas still open up. In May of this year I started a Beekeeping Mentorship program that is so well received by beekeepers from around the united states.

5 weekly, you have access to my personal mobile phone number and email. I can be called by you, text message or email me when you yourself have a relevant question about your bees. Beekeepers send me videos, questions, or photos about what they must do next. PLUS you also receive a weekly tip and and a weekly instructional beekeeping video. Through the next few months I’ll be focusing on Spring Management tips and videos to get ready beekeepers for swarm control, making splits, managing mites in the springtime and queen rearing.

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Wouldn’t it be nice with an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper you could speak to about your bees and get sound advice! Let’s face it, you are feeling alone in your new hobby sometimes. Today by clicking here Spots are limited if you are interested check it out. How Do You Keep Mice Out Of The Hive? Mice are to arrive! They know it’s fall and winter is coming and your hives make a good comfortable place mice can boost their young.

The only problem is in addition they want to eliminate your colony. Beekeepers know that our Winter-Bee-Kind is important in the winter. Place your order now! In November We start shipping these. It can be positioned by you on the hive anytime. In November in the order the orders were placed Our Winter-Bee-Kinds start shipping. So do not delay. It is vital that we supply bees in the fall. Even if they now have a lot of honey, imagine if it is consumed by them all before winter starts. Of September They still have to undergo the rest, October, Of December before winter even arrives November and most. And during this time there is anything out there for them to gather hardly.

Our feeding board is ideal for fall and spring. Holes are lined with display screen to make changing jars easy. Click here to get your feeding panel today. This ships within 5 business days. If you have kept bees lengthy you understand how frustrating it is whenever your bees swarm and you have nothing at all to place them in. You could have caught your swarm and got a fresh hive, however the swarm only continued to be on your property a few hours and then flew off. In the Spring when you make an effort to order beekeeping equipment suppliers are swamped and delivery is slow. You will want to get that new hive now. You understand you are going to need it.

Buy it now and have it readily available! Our hives are made right in central Illinois by expert craftsmen here. Before you run out and buy from other areas out, please consider supporting our family business. We’ve worked hard for you over the last 10 years to give you free beekeeping lessons and videos. Your return support is greatly appreciated.

Check out our complete type of hives. Thanks For Your Continued Support! I had fashioned to buy new auto tires for my pickup truck. I go to a huge warehouse store because they’re cheaper usually. But, Aaron walked in last spring and bought hives from us and took a class. He runs a local tire company. He could have obtained his hives from huge stores but he made a decision to come to us, a family business like he runs.

I asked him for a quote for my tires and he defeats the big warehouse. Even if he had been a bit more expensive, it could have been the right thing for me to do. I can’t tell you how good I felt buying from a family business. This is actually the real way it should be! Before you consider other areas, give us to be able to earn your beekeeping business. We are a difficult working family business that depends upon great customers as if you. Many thanks for your devotion.

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