Beauty, Inside And Out

Beauty, Inside And Out 1

I strongly believe that everything is really because it is meant to occur. Every image our eye run across, every new face we glance at and every nagging problem we encounter, are important pieces to our puzzle of life. On a short stay from home away, I came across myself in a hotel room flipping through channel after route on TV.

Since we don’t possess cable at home, I always take advantage of the abundance in entertainment. One show specifically seemed to catch my eye immediately (No, it wasn’t What not to wear ;). There is nothing at all flashy or catchy about it in particular, I just felt like I will hold off on changing the channel for a bit longer. They were in the center of interviewing a Mormon vocalist/song article writer that had recently made history. Day Saint musician to reach the top 10 10 positions on the Christan billboard music charts She was the first Latter.

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Hillary Weeks spoke about her most recent recording and her latest music video. She proceeded to go into detail about what the song meant to her. She explained that sometimes, unthinkable things happen in our lives that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone and we just pray for them to go away. But, through everything, we realize how strong we are and how those experiences, though we may not know why they happen to us, help us to motivate, uplift, and help others. Our tests are tailored specifically for us, then one that may appear easy to you, would seem impossible for someone else and vice versa.

Watching the music video that will go along with this song was so extremely moving and attention starting. It spoke to my heart and I had been so overwhelmed with compassion after viewing it. It offered me a totally different perspective on life and how we need to appreciate the small things we take for granted, every day.

The video features various women that share their “Beautiful Heart break”. Initially, they appeared like normal women but, after you recognize that they have experienced some unimaginable things, suddenly, they don’t seem so “ordinary” any longer. Toward the ultimate end of the video, a group of brave women each endure an indicator that silently unveils their “beautiful heartbreak” to the world.

As you read each indication, you get a little notion of what they have had to painfully withstand. I couldn’t believe a few of the things these women experienced to cope with and endure through! It was so hard to learn all their signs but, it made me recognize that even thought that they had to cope with these difficult tests, they were still alive and they were which makes it through, somehow.

It was a great reminder that ALL Women have extraordinary abilities. Abilities that will help to have them through their center break with grace, patience, endurance, power, optimism, wish, and most significantly, Faith. A mixture of traits and abilities that make them beautiful, truly beautiful. After seeing this, I felt an overwhelming sympathy and respect for these women. Imagine if I never surely got to see these women using their signs? I wondered how I’d take a look at them if I ran into them in public areas. Would I compare myself to them initially?