Bella Sighed, Making Damon Face Her

Bella Sighed, Making Damon Face Her 1

A/n: Well, well, well… Here we are once again for a very special upgrade on my fast-growing popular story… I don’t even think my other tales have this amount of reviews! Also, an enormous many thanks to Fawkes Deavue for the lovely ideas, where would my story be without you and your ideas honestly? Twice she had inflated in his face and she wasn’t heading for a 3rd.

They both made a deal that he would not make an effort to make her angry again and she’ll not try to stake him with the wardrobe solid wood object. When Damon was sarcastic to her- she returned the sarcasm- when he was witty and cunning in his ways she returned the same favor. Damon was like the older sibling Bella always desired and secretly to Damon, she was like the sister he always wanted but unfortunately never got.

He desires to keep Elena safe, from the Mikaelsons and Damon as far as possible; if it meant giving up the life of one little even, reincarnated human to do so. He shall do anything, even if it supposed betraying and walking all over those closest to him that consider him a friend and brother.

Damon on the other hands, desires to keep Elena safe- but he’s gradually (very gradually) allowing Elena speak her plans through before jumping into action; which surprised everyone- because of Bella Swan. Damon muttered, as Bella viewed the menu once again. Bella looked up as she nodded to indicate she was ready to order her meal.

Damon replied, shrugging, and had taken the menu off her and skimmed over it. Bella shouted, making a few of the restaurant customers take a look at her weirdly. Damon grumbled in annoyance when the ongoing party that traveled with laughed; he then felt out of place as he saw the loved-up couples within the Grill huddle into each other.

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Bella replied toughing Damon’s hands lightly. Bella asked sweetly, blinking her double and smiled at him. When a moment or two of silence passed, Bella smirked as she was folded by her arms. Thinking that he was the third wheel generally in most couple outings, mainly Elena and Stefan, he decided to go out and was accompanied by Bella.

Bella asked, as her hand lightly dropped onto his make. Bella sighed, making Damon face her. Bella replied, shaking her head at him. Bella replied, almost sounding just like a poet. Damon replied as he walked towards his parked car thinking of returning to a clear Boarding house. Bella sighed, putting a hand once more on Damon’s make to avoid him from walking away. Damon smirked sarcastically, looking at the pretty brunette.

Bella rolled her eye, sighed again, and then placed her hand onto his chest over his heart; Damon arched an eyebrow towards her. Bella replied, smiling as Damon slightly gasped as something fuzzy and warm flowed through him and cloaked around his heart. He then narrowed his eyes and pushed Bella away from him, placing a good arm length between them.

He hissed, rubbing his sore upper body. Bella’s eyes narrowed as Damon started walking away. Bella yelled, making the iced blue-eyed Salvatore freeze in shock and turn to handle the pissed of reincarnated Petrova woman. Before Damon had time for you to react even, he sensed a sharpened pain in his remaining arm; looking down at the sleeve of his beloved leather coat- there protruding for him to see was a toothpick.

Bella Swan stabbed him with a toothpick! Damon sighed as he broke his guarantee to her not trying to get her upset and make her stake him- though he really thought she couldn’t even stab him with the closest solid wood object but she demonstrated him wrong. He understood that his friends will help him, but he didn’t want to inquire further for assist in case they thought it was a sign of weakness- he didn’t want pity from them. He previously too much pity from people before when he was a human being, when his father preferred Stefan more than him and then Katherine came to town.