Compared To The Samsung Galaxy Centura

Compared To The Samsung Galaxy Centura 1

This review by TracfoneReviewer covers the LG Optimus Dynamic (LG L38C) offered by Tracfone. The LG Optimus Dynamic is one of four new Android driven smartphones that Tracfone has distributed around consumers. The ZTE Valet and Samsung Galaxy Centura (click the links for our reviews of each telephone) are two of the other three smartphones and are both available broadly.

The fourth Tracfone smartphone is the Huawei Glory, which we have just reviewed, so check it out! These four cell phones are the first smartphones (using Android OS) Tracfone has made available for use with their prepaid service. Tracfone in addition has just recently released the LG Optimus Dynamic II, Android smartphone numerous improvements over the initial Dynamic analyzed here, but more expensive also. Tracfone Wireless is a prepaid cell phone company that offers relatively inexpensive phones and prepaid minutes/service days at low prices.

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Learn more about Tracfone by reading our Overview of Tracfone. This mobile phone uses the CDMA network (you can show by the ‘C’ at the ultimate end of LG L38C), which is the situation with all of Tracfone’s current Android phones. Using the CDMA network means that this mobile phone will most likely use Verizon towers.

Learn more about the difference between GSM and CDMA cellular phone networks. A powerful set of features, especially in comparison to Tracfone’s older, non-Android phones. As the LG Optimus Dynamic comes with Android 2.3, which is not the most recent version of Android, it’ll provide plenty of bang for your buck still. If you need a phone with a more recent version of Android, like 4.0, check out the other smartphones Tracfone offers, as each of them use Android 4.0 or higher.

But before we get too much into analyzing the features and comparing this mobile phone with the others, let’s just start to see the likes and dislikes we’ve about the LG Optimus Dynamic. Let’s begin by saying there’s a lot to like concerning this phone. Comparing it to old Tracfone mobile devices, this mobile phone is light years because of one great feature – Google android Operating System ahead. The Android Operating System allows the user to gain access to Apps (applications) that exist through Google Play. There are 700 over,000 different apps, this means a whole load of features close at hand.

Some of the very best apps are the Chrome web browser, YouTube, Instagram, Google Calendar, FIFA 14, and more a lot. To get many of these apps, you simply download them to your phone. A few of our other big lies about the LG Optimus Dynamic will be the WiFi, Triple Minutes for Life, and 3MP Camera. WiFi on you are allowed by the Optimus to surf the web for free when linked to a wireless network, like at home, work, or at a coffee shop. You will not use any minutes when you are surfing the web using WiFi. Triple Minutes forever is the best deal Tracfone offers at the brief second, and it basically triples any minutes you add to the phone.